If flying is your dream, then it’s time to fulfill it. There is a place in Pune where you can fly. The “Hadapsar Gliding Center” at Pune, gives you an opportunity to experience a joy ride and to learn gliding.
Every Sunday they arrange Joy Ride for people at just INR 187 per flight, it is more than affordable for this kind of adventure.
As for the facilities, the centre has L23 aircraft which they use for gliding. It has also been a training center for pilots. They have certified pilots to take passengers for joy rides.
The experience was amazing. You are in a two seater glider with pilot in front. After waving a flag by controller, the winch pulls glider and it starts moving at high speed. Within a seconds you are floating in the sky. Glider don’t have any engine so it’s is very peaceful to fly in a glider as there is no engine sound disturbing you.
Gliding is depends on the weather so we can never be sure how long the flight will last. But at INR 187 you will be definitely in the sky for 05 to 10 minutes.

Address & contact

Hadapsar Gliding Centre, Near Bunter School, Saswad Road, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028, India



Only on Sunday

9:30 AM

They have limited slots and the numbers are on basis of first come first serve. So you have to reach early, sometimes people come at 07.00 am.

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