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Burn Fest 2019

The BURN Festival is an idea of what an automobile festival should look and feel like, With GULF Oil as a partner was an extravaganza that saw leading luxury sports cars and sports bike...

Bike or Cycle Ride 0

Bike or Cycle Ride

Riding a bike across town is a whole new way to experience the local life, green fields and local culture. This is one of the most popular activities and things to do in Hampi,...

Anjarle Turtle Festival 2019 1

Anjarle Turtle Festival

Welcome to Anjarle Turtle Festival 2018. Olive Ridley Turtle beach or Anjarle Beach in beautiful Konkan, Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra. This village is celebrating Anjarle Turtle Festival from 2016. Witness this lifetime moment when baby turtles coming out from...