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हंपी ची सोलो सफर !!!

नवीन जॉबला लागुन पुर्ण एक वर्ष झाला होता, आणि या एक वर्षात कुठे मोठी ट्रिप झालीच नाही. मन कासावीस होत होतं. बरेच दिवस ब्लॉग वर पण काही लिहीले नव्हते. म्हणुन विचार केला जाऊन येतोच...


Rock Climbing at Hampi

Hampi is always full of rock climbers who are climbing up the boulders with their crash pads around. The landscape is ideal for rock climbing and bouldering since there are granite stones and boulders...

Bike or Cycle Ride 0

Bike or Cycle Ride

Riding a bike across town is a whole new way to experience the local life, green fields and local culture. This is one of the most popular activities and things to do in Hampi,...

Cliff Jumping at Hampi 0

Cliff Jumping at Hampi

Apart from wandering at the several ruins, Cliff Diving is one of the prime activities and things to do in Hampi. Especially popular among adventure buffs, the activity is enough to give you a...

Hampi Bazar 0

Hampi Bazar

This bazaar is facing the Virupaksha temple and hence is also known as the Virupaksha Bazaar. Various artifacts are available here including antique coins, shawls, bags etc. Most tourists purchase souvenirs here.


Sasivekalu Ganesh

Sasivekalu Ganesh has a gigantic monolithic statue of Lord Ganesha. The statue is over 8 feet tall and was created in the memory of a Vijayanagara King – King Narasimha II. It is often...


Kadalekalu Ganesh

Kadalekalu Ganesh is an important religious attraction in Hampi. The temple has traditional stone architecture and is located on Hemakuta Hill and has a huge 15 feet monolithic statue of Lord Ganesha which is...