Mady Velkar

Mady Velkar is a founder/editor of “The Solo Travellers .in”, a travel blogger and freelance Web Developer & Digital Marketer, living in Mumbai, India. He is a keen photographer with amazing skills and always packs his posts with original photos and videos from his trips. He is a 30 something passionate male traveller who set up The Solo Travellers blog as a place to document all of his amazing personal and professional travel experiences with informal and honest blog posts. He has explored many unexplored destinations in India including South, North, and West region to inspire fellow Travellers to pursue their dream career in travel.
Mady also writes insightful about unexplored places to help aspiring travellers, bloggers and trip organizers to pursue their dream career and make their mark in the travel industry.
Mady Velkar also awarded as the best Travel Blogger and best solo travellers YouTube channel.

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