Shital Chindhe

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  1. Rohit More says:

    Superb Dear Shital , You are realy inspire to those people who loves travel , adventure , keep going

  2. Karan waghmare says:

    Yes she’s a independent girl living her dreams and enjoying each and every second of her life, that is what inspires me a lot to travel more and explore new places every other weekend.

  3. Sachin says:

    Amazed to see that a girl from our MUMBAI exploring the world specifically india which is already gifted by God in many ways . Hoping to accompany in coming trip.

  4. Amit kodere says:

    Legendary traveller and very humble person 😊

  5. GB says:

    Nice journey keep continue…..
    एकदम कडक 😃👌👌👌नुसता धुरररररररररर

  6. Shyam Shewale says:

    Awesome Content

  7. Shiva Sharma says:

    Keep traveling as if there is no tomorrow 🙂

  8. Archana says:

    Very nice

  9. Vasudev says:

    I always wonder how she sneaks out so much time to travel from her work life and I also envy her energy a lot ! I really want to make more travel memories with her ! Looking forward to that very soon ! You really is a travel rock star

  10. Suhas taral says:

    As of I know Sheetal she loves tracking n she must have visited all of Maharashtra forts.. keep going

  11. Suhas taral says:

    As of I know Sheetal she loves to Travel n mostly trecking. Keep going n explore world

  12. Rabindra Singh says:

    Very nice profile, life is meant to live to its fullest. Its way to honour and respect the gift of divine in form of beautiful nature.

  13. Amit KK says:

    Truly a travel wonder girl , amazing manager, knows how to manage work and life balance 👌🏻👌🏻

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