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How to Photograph Fireflies

Try your luck at Bhandardara Fireflies Festival. In late summer and early monsoon, the lightning bugs (Fireflies) dance on the trees for just an hour after sunset and before morning. The butt of the...

Anjarle Turtle Festival 2019 1

Anjarle Turtle Festival

Welcome to Anjarle Turtle Festival 2018. Olive Ridley Turtle beach or Anjarle Beach in beautiful Konkan, Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra. This village is celebrating Anjarle Turtle Festival from 2016. Witness this lifetime moment when baby turtles coming out from...


Corporate Event and Trek for SIKF

Organized two days trek for most trusted Karate Organization from Mumbai and Vasai – Virar, Shotokan International Karate-Do Federation (SIKF) is the oldest Karate Organization in Vasai – Virar. At Solo Travellers we organized...